Formosa The Beautiful

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AGlanceAtTaiwan在陳錦芳文化館展美哉台灣由夏大使及觀光局主持The Taiwan Tourism Bureau, chaired by Ambassador Xia, sponsored TF Chen’s artshow “Formosa, Taiwan the Beautiful” at the TF Chen Cultural Center. 蔡明峰訪問陳博士夫婦Martin Tsai of US Taiwan TV, interviewing Dr TF and Lucia Chen. 夏立言大使及德立玉立在推廣「台灣觀光年,陳錦芳美哉台灣展」Ambassador Hsia standing with the artist’s family — Lucia, Ted and Julie Chen — at the promotion of “Taiwan Tourism Year, TF Chen Art Show: Formosa, Taiwan the Beautiful” at the TF Chen Cultural Center.

Former Vice President Hsieh Tung-Min visiting Dr. Chen’s exhibition, and discussing the creation of a new culture of Taiwan.


New Ideas Magazine – featured Dr. Chen and his artwork on the cover, and published an interview of the artist as well as his” YuShan” Series in their Art Catalogue.











September 29, 2015

2004 Tourism For Peace Dr. Chen’s “A Glance of Taiwan” Exhibit To Promote Taiwan’s “Tourism For Peace.” (At the T.F. Chen Cultural Center, 2fl; 5/13 – 5/24, 2004).

For Taiwanese-American Heritage Week in NYC, the T.F. Chen Cultural Center hosted an exhibition of Taiwanese landscape paintings by Dr. T.F. Chen from May 13th – 24th, 2004 at the Center’s second floor gallery. Chen maintains studios both in New York and Taipei and has continued to work and exhibit internationally. When he is in Taiwan, Chen loves to paint landscapes that express the remarkable beauty of his beloved homeland. Although the natural environment of the “Ilha Formosa” has been affected by modernization, Chen points out that one would still be astonished by the exquisite scenery that he has experienced deep in the countryside, along the seashores and high up in the mountains.Having toured the island countless times in his career, Dr. Chen has captured the landscape of Taiwan from north to south. Of particular interest, he has painted landscapes from Danshui, Yangming-shan, Honghsi, Yeliu, Hwalien, Kending, Tainan, Mt. Ali, Mt. Jade, and Meilong, to name a few.Since “Tourism for Peace” has become an international movement, Dr. Chen, as the recipient of the Global Tolerance Award, would like to employ his art towards that purpose. As many of the aforementioned sites have been promoted for tourism in Taiwan, it seems that Dr. Chen’s very appropriate place to start. exhibitions_clip_image002_0003 exhibitions_clip_image004