Press Pictures

 全家總動員參加國際藝展  德立和媽媽參加河南開封的中國收藏論壇  陳錦芳夫婦及兒子德立

Dr. Chen and his family participated in the International Art Exhibition / Lucia Chen and her son Ted, participated in the Collection Forum in Kaifeng, Henan Province China. / TF Chen, wife Lucia, and son Ted.

北京798富錦藝中心外景  北京798藝術區電視專訪  北京富錦

TF Chen fine Art Museum Beijing Branch in the Beijing 798 Art District. TV Interview of Dr. Chen./ TF Chen’s Exhibition at the TFChen Art Museum Branch Beijing 798 during the 2008 Olympics.

北京奧運創作畫家陳博士在八達嶺「萬里龍」慶典上接受專訪並捐助作品2008 侯幸君在北京798藝術廣場接受電視專訪 美國高爾副總統特派電視台記者於北京專訪 香港媒體中評社專訪陳博士巡迴展

Dr. Chen being interviewed at the Celebration of the Great Wall where he donated his artwork, 2008. Lucia Chen being interviewed at the 798 Art Square in Beijing. Dr. Chen being interviewed by a TV reporter sent by US Vice President Al Gore. The Hong Kong Press CRNTT interviewing Dr. TF Chen on his “Art for Humanity World Tour.”

Hai Nan Collection and Investment 收藏與投資 陳錦芳夫婦合照於海南博物館

Hai Nan Collection and Investment Forum/ TF Chen and his wife Lucia, pictured in front of the Museum in Hainan, China.

文化部張新建觀看作品展 貴賓開幕與致詞 開幕式剪綵儀式

The Ministry of Culture Zhang Xinjian visiting Chen’s Exhibition / VIP Opening and Speech / Ribbon-cutting for Opening Ceremony