China Series

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After Shanghai World Expo, Dr. Chen started to paint the beautiful sceneries and relics of old times, especially “world cultural heritage sites” to promote “Tourism for World Peace” initiated by Her Majesty Queen Nooa of Jordan and some related international institutions. Because after our participation in the State of World Forum, Dr. Noel Brown, the President of the Friends of the United Nations once told us about such an international conference, so Dr. Chen has keeping in his mind to paint a series of “World Cultural Heritage Sites”, but not limited to that, but any inspiring scenery and folkloric presentations in his course of life, such as the beauty of Taiwan.


Dr. Chen was invited to paint Hainan Island in early 2011, because the Chinese Government would like to develop the island into an international touristic island, and one of the ways to promote the project is to have “International Master paint International Tourist Island” and the first artist came to their minds is Dr. T.F.Chen. So, on January 2011, Dr. Chen was invited to Hainan travelling around the island and started to paint. In two months, Dr. Chen finished 56 pieces of Hainan series which was exhibited at the Museum of Hainan, in Haikou, the capital of Hainan. The ribbon-cutting opening was on April 24 with several officers came down from Beijing for the exhibition and chaired a symposium on it.


In summer 2011, Dr. Chen joined a tourist group to see the “Silk Road” which became also the subject for Dr. Chen’s new creation. Two years after, he is invited to see the “Red Revolution Base” in Xi-an, to understand the civil war in China after the second world war and how resulting in the establishment of the PROC in Beijing and ROC came to Taiwan. Such a historical subject also inspired Dr. Chen to paint.


The Homeland of Dr. Chen is Taiwan which is called “Formosa”, “The Beautiful Island” by foreigners since 1590 initiated and put on the world map. Dr. Chen liked to paint the landscape of Taiwan, to express the beauty of Taiwan since his youth, even though he has left 21 years from Taiwan, but since he went back to Taiwan in 1984, he continued to paint his homeland whenever he had time and inspired on the occasion. He cherished a desire to accomplish a series of “Beautiful Formosa” in big size, a series of 100 paintings too which would be an another challenge for him in the future, even though he has finished some.