Earned a scholarship from the French Government in 1963, lived in Paris for twelve years and studied at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts chen01chen02





Earned a Ph.D. in Art History and an M.A. in French Contemporary Literature from La Sorbonne, Paris
In 1969, established his theory of “Five-Dimensional Universal Culture”
Recognized as “one of the 20 most influential artists in the world today” (Art Critic, Dr. &Prof Thomas McEvilley)
Initiator of “Neo-Iconography” art style that include the paintings “Art for Humanity,” “The Spirit of Liberty,” “Post – Van Gogh,” “East-West,” “Venus,” “Cardplayers,” “Napoleon,” “Princess Diana,” “Jade Mountain,” “9/11,” “Humanity Series,” and “War and Peace.”
Known as the “Centennial Artist” for his frequent, dynamic “100 Painting Series” created for the centennial celebrations of The Statue of Liberty, the City of Las Vegas and the death of Vincent Van Gogh.
As an internationally sought-after lecturer he has been invited to exhibit and speak for world leaders
Designated “Cultural Ambassador for Tolerance and Peace” by Friends of the United Nations
Awarded the “Global Tolerance Award” by the Friends of the United Nations
Awarded the “Taiwanese Nobel Prize” by the Taiwanese American Foundation
Founder of T.F. Chen Cultural Center and T.F. Chen Arts for Humanity Foundation
Has written and published more than 26 books in English, Chinese and French including the world art history text book Arts & Ideas
Since 1963 has conducted more than 200 one-man shows all over the world
His works have been permanently displayed at Gallery New World in Washington DC since 1980; at the New World Art Center and the Lucia Gallery in SoHo, NYC since 1984; and at the Gallery New World in Taipei since 1986. Since 1996 T.F. Chen’s art showing at T.F. Chen Cultural Center, New World Art Center in SoHo and Taipei. Since 2008, we added Beijing Fu Tsing Art Center and Since 2010 Fu Tsing Art Center in Shanghai. In 2015, we established T.F. Chen Fine Art Museum and T.F. Chen Cultural & Art Foundation. All of these company are focused on T.F. Chen’s Art and Philosophy promotion and marketing.
His works are collected throughout the world including the Museum of Modern Art, Paris; the Smithsonian Institute; the White House, USA; the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, etc.

Chronological Details

Born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1936
In 1961-2, travelled throughout the world with the International Moral Rearmament Movement
In 1975, moved to USA, married Lucia; lectured, created and exhibited extensively
In 1980 his art work was permanently displayed at the Gallery New World in Washington, DC
In 1984, became a US citizen, moved to NYC and permanently displayed his works at Lucia Gallery and at the T.F. Chen Cultural Center and the New World Center all in SoHo
In 1986, completed 100 paintings of “The Spirit of Liberty Series” to commemorate the Statue of Liberty’s centennial
In 1990, completed 100 paintings of “Post – Van Gogh Series” which paid homage to Vincent Van Gogh during the centennial celebration of his death. The series received an enthusiastic public response and was exhibited in Asia, Europe, and the USA. The exhibition was warmly received and enjoyed mass media coverage.
In 1993, Chen’s Retrospective Exhibition (150 artworks) was exhibited at SoHo, NYC and HsingKwang Mitsukoshi Museum, Taipei
In 1996 – 1997, “Dr. T.F. Chen’s Retrospective Series: 1951-1996” (160 artworks) exhibited in NYC, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and Kaoshiong Cultural Center

In 1997-1998 after the Princess Diana’s tragic accident, Chen researched the life and death of Lady Diana. He realized she had become one of the most loved and important icons of our time and to honor her dedication to humanity, Chen painted a series of paintings in his Neo-Iconography style to pay tribute to our “Queen of People’s Hearts.” The series consisted of 36 paintings, to honor her 36 years of life. The Princess Diana Series was exhibited in the New World Art Center in March 1998, in SoHo, NYC; attracting a large crowd and vast coverage by the media (Reuters, BBC, etc).

In 1998 and 2000, Dr. Chen was invited to exhibit and lecture his “Art For Humanity Series” and speak at the State of the World Forum, a gathering of over 1,000 key world leaders in the fields of business, science, politics, and the humanities
In 2001, painted the “9/11 Series” in remembrance of the crisis that occurred just 1 mile away from Chen’s museum in SoHo, NYC
In 2001, Dr. Chen became the first artist-painter to receive a “Global Tolerance Award” from the United Nations
In 2000-2002, completed 100 paintings of “Sacred Jade Mountain, Peace & Love Series”, dedicated to the spiritual renewal of the Taiwanese people, which toured Taiwan with mass media coverage.
In 2005, awarded the “Taiwanese Nobel Prize” in Humanities by the Taiwanese American Foundation

March: Dr. Chen’s solo-show at Tainan for Promoting a New Renaissance in ‘’Love’’.

May: Established’’ T.F. Chen Cultural Art Foundation in Taipei.

October: Dr. Chen participated UNESCO’S Forum in Jing-the City.

Nov. to Feb. 2014, solo-show at Everrich Headquarter in Taipei.


June and July, Dr. Chen’s’’ Arts for Humanity’’ show at Taoyuan International Airport which extends to show at Cultural Center in New Taipei in Winter.

Dr. Chen started to paint’’ Beautiful Formosa’’ in promoting Tourism for Taiwan: ‘’ Cherryblossom’’& “ Queen’s Head in Yieliu’’.


June 6: Opening celebration of T.F. Chen Museum/T.F. Chen Cultural and Art Foundation in Taipei.