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September 28, 2015

Las Vegas Centennial Series

“Las Vegas Centennial Series” – 100 Painting Tribute by Master Artist, Dr. T.F. Chen

Dr. T.F. Chen – one of the last living Master Artists in the world today and Cultural Ambassador with the Friends of the United Nations and the Arts For Humanity World Tour – is captivated with his new theme – the city of Las Vegas. After his first recent visit, Dr. Chen couldn’t get enough of Las Vegas. He cleared his busy schedule and set up a studio in LV to paint. Dr. Chen initiated his signature style of “Neo-Iconography” in 1969, which appropriates “icons” from throughout human and art history -- placing them together in contexts that defy time, space, and cultural barriers; resulting in a stunning, eclectic composition. How fitting for the City of Icons! Dr. Chen is also known as the “Centennial Artist,” and has painted several 100-painting tributes to many of his inspirations on the occasion of their Centennials – such as “The Spirit of Liberty Series,” “Post – Van Gogh Series,” and “Jade Mountain Series.” These powerful, large-scale series have shown in museums around the world and been featured extensively in the media. As a new part-time resident of Las Vegas, Dr. Chen once again picks up his brush and embraces the challenge of creating 100 paintings in homage to Las Vegas’ Centennial Celebration. In the 3 short weeks that Dr. Chen set up his studio, he has already painted twenty paintings for the “Las Vegas Centennial Series.” In between lectures, worldwide exhibitions, and preparing for the Arts For Humanity World Tour, Dr. Chen aims to finish the 100 Paintings of Las Vegas within a year.

For more information, please contact Lucia Chen at (212) 966-4363.

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